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What we do

The experiences that we provide are guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage. We regularly observe the children at play to identify their interests, needs and style of learning. This ensures that we can plan enjoyable, challenging and achievable experiences for all of our children.

Most of the session is devoted to free play, where the children are given the time and space to pursue what interests them most, with staff on hand to help extend the play and introduce new concepts and language.
There will be one or more adult led activities which children are encouraged to try out. Small group work every day gives children the opportunity to participate, share and cooperate as part of a group at the level which is most suited to them.
At registration every day we have a short whole group session where we sing our phonics songs and practice counting. For learning letters and sounds we use the Jolly Phonics method. We provide our parents with a leaflet about this. If you would like one let us know and we will give you one or you can click here to download a copy.
Spicey Gill Morning Routine.

The routine is flexible but generally follows a similar pattern.

9.00am: Children arrive, free play

9.30 9.40: Registration, whole group.

9.40 10.10am: Small group activities and outdoor play

10.10 11.30am: Mix of free play and focus or adult led activities.

(This may also include outdoor play )

is taken in small groups during this time.

11.30am: Tidy-up time

Group activities large or small groups

11.50am: Whole group time

12.00: Home time

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